Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Chinese Christmas

So what does a first Christmas in America look like for a 10 year old boy from China?
and when I stop to look at it through his eyes I see the same thing.  Funny how the Lord can change you perspective on things when He changes your heart.

Just let me celebrate the 
birthday of my KING!
We tried to keep things low key and tired to focus 
verything on Jesus!

Gifts can be overwhelming to a child who has never really had anything of his own!
John was the first one up and dressed in his traditional Chinese outfit.


John loved giving gifts to others , he has such a giving heart. John with the amazing bright neon shirt he picked out just for Aaron.
John could not wait for Levi to open what he had picked out for him.  The funny thing is John had already told him what it was, so secret keeping for him. 
Most of our photos look like this, look at John' silly face.
I snapped quick enough to get a good on.
Chinese food has been our Christmas meal tradition for 6 or 7 years, I think the Lord had something to do with that decision, this year it truly was a Chinese Christmas in our home.
Yes, I can eat with chopsticks...
...and I can too.
New Family Game

The amazingly handsome 4 men in my life.
My beautiful daughter, Sarah,  and her Ben.
Happy Birth Jesus
Jesus the best gift ever given to the World!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Six Months

Six months ago, March 12, 2013 in the capital city of John's home province of Shanxi, Dang Sanming become
John Aden Dodge and forever our son. 
Every emotion know to man has been experienced by every member of the Dodge Family.
In Russell D Moore's book "ADOPTED FOR LIFE" he says "being part of a family is tough, regardless of the circumstances" and  "...every believer is called to recognize Jesus in the face of his little brothers and sisters when he decides to show up in their lives, even if it interrupts everything else".  Our lives have be interrupted and it is tough but seeing Jesus in John makes it all worth it.
Each day the Lord continues to refine ALL of us, and in the process we are becoming more like Him and less like the world... some days it is not so pretty and others days it is BEAUTIFUL.

Levi, Dad and John

Feeding the goats

Being creative

Swimming with Levi and a friend

Fun making noodles, even more fun wearing the flour

Woody from Aaron

More swimming

Look how flexible I am

Fun with Dad and Levi at Grandpa and Grandma's

Johns first rodeo, watching Aaron Chute Doggin It

Driving the boat with Grandpa

Eating a crazy cut apple

New glasses

Wearing a silly hat

First putt-putt golf adventure

John Aden Dodge you are one brave young man.  I often wonder what you are thinking and I hope you always know you where CHOSEN and WANTED by us and by the Lord!

We are forever stuck together like 
502 China glue!  

Monday, July 29, 2013

First Family Photo, PERFECT

Our first family photo 
(even if it is only a snapshot)
A great birthday present!

John has been very reluctant to have a photo taken with everyone has a family.  He has taken photos with everyone individually but a "family photo" just sent him into a panic.  We have waited patiently not wanting to push anything that didn't feel comfortable to him.  Tonight I mentioned something about him getting his picture made with me for my birthday and a family photo....he seemed fine with it!  After seeing the photo of all of us as a family he said "PERFECT".  A family photo might not seem like a big deal to most people....but John's willingness to have his photo taken with his new family is a BIG DEAL and a HUGE MILESTONE in his adjusting to life with us! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The First Four Months in Photos

Brotherly love (occasional)
New hair cut and glasses.

Happy Birthday, Dad
Most of our attempts at a family photo look like this.

Trying to learn to roller blade

Twister, anyone?
Ninja John
4th of July....FIREWORKS

Wanna kiss the fish?
Love his SMILE!!!!

John has been a Dodge for 4 months now!